Monday, March 22, 2010

Long Time and Many Changes

Wow I have been a very busy boy. I am 7 1/2 months old and have 8 teeth already! I am a baby who likes to move it, I am crawling all over the place and have begun pulling myself up and trying to walk from toy to toy. I am no longer content to sit anywhere. I love to talk and try to catch Snoopy who is no longer safe. This past month has been filled with many firsts, as stated above two big ones, crawling and standing. Some others were my first time in a swimming pool and I LOVED it. I am such a fish. I also spent the night with Mommy and Daddy at my Grandma and Grandpa Schrobilgen's house where I was also joined by my two cousins Grayson and Emerson. I also attended my first church service for my cousin Julia's First Communion and I did amazing! Unfortunately another first for me was a wake for a wonderful man who was a great friend to my Aunt Rena and Uncle Kurt. It was nice to step up and be a wonderful distraction for them over the weekend. I am very sad that I will never get the chance to meet Robb but I know that there are many great stories of him to be shared and perhaps one day I will hear them. Another first for me has been not wanting to sleep in my bed. I have always been a great sleeper up until the last couple of weeks. We think we have fixed the problem and I can now sleep in my bed instead of Mommy and Daddy's. I just needed a pillow!!! The funny thing is I have a distant cousin named Ryker who is a couple of months older than me and he is the same way. Wow aren't we cool! Too bad our parent's didn't figure it all out sooner. One other first is that I have a double ear infection but at least I have still been a very happy baby. As you can see I have been very busy and with the weather getting warmer I am sure it is about to get busier. I will be sure to check in more often and share more pictures. Be sure to also look at my previous entry that just has more pictures of me. Love you ~Jackson

I LOVE water!

Crawling all over the place.

7 month picture in my bumbo.

I found Snoopy's bowls.
Playing with my toys looking so cute.

Look at the places I find myself in.

I love giving kisses. Here I am with Grayson and Emerson.

The 3 Amigos again.
The only picture of me in the pool as I was too busy looking around and wouldn't look at Mommy.


Always smiling.
Loves his Baby Einstein movie.

So sweet.

Standing all by myself!!! Look out here I come.

I can still fall asleep anywhere.

My cousin Grayson, he loves me so much!

Cousin Emerson and Grayson in the morning after our sleepover.