Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wow Time is Flying By

Well time is going way too fast and as you can see my Mommy hasn't done a very good job at keeping everyone up to date on how I am doing :) I am doing GREAT by the way. I love going to daycare and I even can say some of my friends' names such as Enzo and Gabe. I even say Molly for Ms. Molly. I have become a very talkative little boy and that also includes the temper I have. I know what you are thinking though, this perfect looking angel of a boy couldn't possibly have a temper :) If I don't get to do things exactly as I want them watch out and be prepared. I love to be outside and unfortunatley the weather hasn't been allowing much time for that but when it does I am go go non-stop. I even know how to walk to my Aunt Jana and Uncle Ray's house and if I don't get to walk there I throw a fit. So I guess they will be seeing a lot of me this summer or they had better hide indoors! I am just growing too fast, I will be 2 in just a few short months! I have fallen in love with Thomas the Train and Chuggington and that's all I talk about. I am still obssessed with cars but more so trains now. I am still very into zebras and mom finally found me a stuffed one today at Kohl's of all places but as soon as I saw it I was screaming zeebaba at the top of my lungs and I have taken him with me all over the place today. Mommy and Daddy can't wait to take me to the zoo this year as I have never been and I go nuts when seeing all kids of safari animals. I love to watch Planet Earth and other zoo shows so this will be a major adventure. Well this will be it for now as me and my zeebaba need to go to bed.

Love ~ Jackson