Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is almost here!

Wow it has been a very long time since my momma updated. She will get better she promises. This is the time of year that we think of family and she realized a lot of you haven't seen me or heard what I'm up to these days. I am now 3 1/2 and am a ton of fun. Like there was any doubt right? :) I love school and have my special friends that I love to hang out with. My teachers rock and have really gotten me to advance so I'm ready for preschool very soon. I'm still really into trains, cars, trucks, animals and books. My tastes there didn't change much just sort of advanced from the baby versions to toddler versions. I sort of get the whole Santa thing this year and actually sat with him though the picture wasn't very good. Momma and Daddy were very suprised that I went to him with no problems at all and just told him all I wanted. When I mentioned trains he pulled out his train and showed it to me and I was very impressed. We have been staying busy with preparing for Christmas and so far I have hung out with my aunts, uncles, and cousins and don't get super busy with gatherings until I go to Mammie's on Saturday and then Grandpa and Grandma Bird are coming to my house at some point. On Thursday I have my Holiday Party and Concert at school. This will be the first time I have been in a concert so this should be a lot of fun. Momma noticed that we have been practicing as I now sing songs a lot even if I don't know all the words. She will be sure to record it and see if she can upload it. In the meantime below is a slideshow of pictures of me with some of my favorite people.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Amazing Aunt Abby

It has been a very long time since momma shared how I have been doing or any new pictures of me. I promise that update will be coming very soon but in this post I want to share my Aunt Abby with you. My Aunt Abby is amazing!!! I love her so much and she loves me even more. She had my beautiful cousin Lily on March 17th and then suffered a massive stroke on March 26th. The last few months have been very hard on our family but especially for my Aunt Abby. She has regained some feeling and movement in her left leg but her left arm is still not functioning. She can't spend her maternity leave holding and taking care of her precious Lily. Instead her days are filled with therapies to help her get a new sense of normal. On Monday she is having what we hope is her final surgery that will place her bone plate back on her skull and hopefully we can start focusing on the limbs again.

We are having a benefit for Aunt Abby on August 16th and hope to have a wonderful outpouring of support as my Aunt Abby deserves it. She is always the first in line to help out everyone else. When I was born I was much smaller than the doctors said I was so momma and dada didn't have the right size clothes for me. Who came to the rescue? My amazing Aunt Abby! She showed up with three huge bags of premie and newborn clothes, she cleaned out Wal-Mart, Target, and the Outlet stores! Momma and dada didn't have to worry and go shopping, instead they got to enjoy me. Even while I was in the hospital she and my Uncle Jeff suprised momma and dada with a parking pass so they didn't have the stress of paying the parking fees while spending time with me. My Aunt Abby is just so wonderful, thoughtful, amazing, kind, and loving. Do you get how much I love her? :) Below is the flyer for her benefit. If you could please share with anyone and everyone you know we are taking all the help we can get whether it is donations, food, money, or your time in helping us.

Thank you so much and know my Aunt Abby will appreciate it too!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa and I

Hi there! It's been a very long time since Momma has updated about me :( We have been very busy and I have been changing every day. I now go to school (daycare center) and I love it! Each morning I ask for school. I have met a lot of new friends and I love my teachers. I still ask for Ms. Molly and my old friends but I get to see them every now and then so that it good. Momma will do a new entry soon with some new pictures of me but for now check out my picture with Santa. Momma took me a couple of weeks ago to see Santa and that did not go well at all! I cried and wouldn't let him touch me. Momma then called Ms. Molly and asked which Santa she was helping and we went there and wow what a difference. I went right up to Santa and kept saying Hi Santa and then he reached for me and up I went on his lap, no tears and lots of smiles. Santa asked me what I would like for Chrismas and I said, um presents! I then told him trains and explained to him that trains say choo choo. Christmas will be a lot of fun this year with me sort of getting it. I keep asking Momma and Dada for presents every day. In a couple of weeks I won't have to ask anymore :)
Enjoy and I'll check in again soon!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Well I finally made it out to Trick-or-Treat this year :) It was a rough road to this though as I woke up sick this morning and had to miss school. That was sad because today was my party and parade. Momma and Dada had even planned to come as they were still on vacation today. I went to the doctor and I have a viral infection and as long as my fever stayed away I was given the go ahead to have some fun, and belive me I had a lot of fun! I only got scared at one house and I wasn't the only one. After that I was a bit shy but then came out of my shell. I would go up to the house by myself and loved ringing the bell. I even said trick-or-treat and then I also said thank you. However, I did tend to get more than one piece of candy at each house as I distracted people with my good looks. Hope everyone had an awesome night and here are some pics from my adventure.
~ Jackson

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jackson's Dance Moves

My First Wedding Reception

Last night Momma's cousin Sara got married. I have never been to a wedding reception before so Momma and Daddy were a bit worried about how I was going to act. I did WONDERFUL!!! I ate my food, which by the way was great! We got to hang out with a lot of Momma's family and my Great-Grandma Bonnie even came from Reno, NV so I got to see her. I then danced, danced, and danced. I had a blast and kept going all night. I loved the music and the lights so much. We took some pictures but unfortunately some are blurry as I was just moving too fast :) Congrats to Sara and Jason and thanks so much for inviting us!!!!
~ Jackson

City Park, Iowa City

I LOVE City Park in Iowa City!!! Grandpa Tom and Grandma Lee Ann came down and with the fabulous weather off we went. I always get to bring bread to feed the ducks and then I get to ride the rides there. This year I was able to ride them all and I LOVED it! This will become one of our favorite hang outs when the weather is nice. Although I am sad as the rides only go from Memorial Day until Labor Day :( Momma got lots of pictures so enjoy!
~ Jackson