Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm a very busy boy!

Well I have been very busy which is one reason I haven't posted in so long. That means though that if you continue to look down you will see three other posts about me. I had my first haircut, football started, and a day at the park. Be sure to scroll down to see those posts and all of the pictures that go with them.
Summer has come to an end and we have been trying to be outside as much as possible. I will be 14 months next week already and Mommy and Daddy say I am growing too fast. My new word is Duck and ever time I see one whether on TV, in a book, or with my farm animals I yell duck super loud and then clap! Not sure why I picked that word but I sure sound cute saying it. Another new fun thing for me is to climb up on the furniture and throw all of the cushions off. Every now and then I figure out how to get up by myself but wow can I get mad and throw a tantrum when I don't get up by myself the first time I try. My new favorite show is Blue's Clues. I saw one episode and I became hooked! I love listening to Joe as he finds the clues that Blue leaves and then when Blue is on the screen I am all smiles. I am still not a picky eater and love everything especially if it comes off of Mommy or Daddy's plates. I refuse to eat my baby food if I see them eating something which is ok by them as they hope to take me off of my baby food next month. I seem to be teething again but that's ok I might as well get them all done at once. I have a full mouth of teeth now and even molars already.
That's all I can think to share for now so I'll try to post again soon.
Love you
Who's cool?

Just chillin on the floor.

Please stop taking pictures of me.

So tired!!

13 month bumbo picture.

13 month picture with Pooh. I am longer than him now!!!

Yep I'm ready to go bye-bye and don't worry Mommy I can drive.

Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Jeanne bought me new toys for being such a good boy during our shopping trip. I loved them and even held them the entire drive home!

So sad to see them leave after our shopping trip but isn't this a cute picture of me with Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Jeanne??

Aren't I though?

Football is Finally Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah football is finally back!!! I have spent the last six months learning to do touchdown and now I know what it's for! All that practice wasn't for nothing. As you will be able to see from my pictures below I am going to be a very confused boy for awhile. Daddy is a Iowa Hawkeye / Chicago Bears fan while Mommy is a Wisconsin Badgers / Green Bay Packers fan. What this means to me is I get wardrobe changes through the day depending on what game is on. This Monday night will be a problem though as Mommy and Daddy's teams are playing each other. Perhaps I will pick my own team but Mommy and Daddy are praying it's not the Minnesota Vikings or the Dallas Cowboys. Any other team could possibly be acceptable.

Is this the face the players make to look tough???

Not really too excited yet as I don't really know what the big deal is.

But Mommy I want to stay up for the game not take a nap!!!

Who are the Hawkeyes???

Don't I look cute in all of my Hawkeye gear? Hint Hint I need Wisconsin stuff!!!!

Why are you trying to confuse me??? Am I a Badger or a Hawkeye? Somebody tell me!!!

This is me doing my Touchdown moves.

Day at the Park

Over Labor Day weekend Grandpa and Grandma Bird came down and visited with me. We went to City Park in Iowa City as Mommy had heard that it was a nice park. Turns out they had tons for me to do. They even have rides that you would find at the carnival that are there all summer. We wish we had done this lots sooner!!! I got to ride the carousel and the train and then of course ran all over the place. Grandpa Tom and I played catch with an acorn and Grandma Lee Ann took me on the train. Below are some pictures from my adventure.
I love crawling through all of the tunnels!

Grandpa I'm coming to get you!

Daddy took me on the carousel. They had an elephant that is the perfect size for me!

Grandma Lee Ann and I went on the train! It did two laps around the park and we had so much fun.

There we are in our little train!

My 1st Hair Cut

Last Friday the 17th I got my first haircut ever!!!! At first I was all smiles and was looking forward to finding out what was going to happen. Then a water bottle was used, which is weird to Mommy and Daddy as I love water, but anyway that set me off. Then I cried through the entire process but Carrie did an awesome job and I look so handsome. Mommy got it on video and of course we saved my curls that got cut off :( I look like a toddler now which is sad and exciting at the same time but Mommy wanted to save my curls while they were still curly. Also I don't think mullets are in style anymore. Below are some before, during, and after pictures.
My hair is so long it's crazy in the morning. If you look up Bed Head in the dictionary my picture would be there :)
Daddy sat with me and as you can tell I'm not sure what is going to happen, but as you can see my hair hangs over my ears.

She put on a cute animal cape for me to wear! Don't I look so adorable?

The last picture of my curls and mullet. Good bye :(

I was NOT happy!!!! I wanted my curls!

Oh but look at how handsome, no more hair in the eyes and no more hair over my ears!!!

My curls and mullet are gone!!! You can now see my neck.