Monday, July 12, 2010

Petting Zoo and Baseball Game

This weekend was so busy with visits from family and such but we also fit in the petting zoo and a baseball game. I have met these animals once before but this time was a bit more fun as I enjoyed petting them and trying to get their grass. I got to pet some goats, sheep, and a cow. They had the cutest little pigs but they were too fast to catch so I could only watch. It was so funny though because they donkey must have remembered my Daddy because he came and head butted him right in his rear again like he did last time!!! Daddy got some food and we got to feed the animals but it was so hot out that we didn't get to stay too long. It was neat though because at this festival they also had a helicopter and I got to watch it take off, very neat and loud. After leaving the festival I had to get ready for my first ballgame. Mommy's work gives discount tickets with all you can eat and drink to one game per year. This year was the first time that they have gone so we made it a family affair and my two aunts and their families also game. I was such a good boy!!! I even loved the fireworks at the end. I don't think I blinked once during the show. That was my first time seeing fireworks as I was in bed before they happened on the 4th so this was a great experience. Below are a few pictures from my adventures. Also be sure to check the two other new posts below with more pictures. There will be lots more to update on in the next couple of weeks as we get ready for my birthday. I have even gotten another tooth so I am up to 12 of them and 3 more look like they are working their way in! I am loving all the new foods I am eatting and am finally back to sleeping all night long without waking up. Let's hope Mommy didn't just jinx it!!!! I'll post again soon but enjoy for now.
~ Jackson

All the animals there for me to pet.

Daddy and I feeding them, they loved this!

Me and the calf! I loved this part.

I was petting a goat.

Another one of me and the goat.

Brittany and Emerson posing at the baseball game, so silly!

Daddy and Grayson, so cute!!!

Brittany did an awesome job keeping Grayson and I entertained.

I feel asleep on the way home which was 3 hours past my bedtime so I slept in my clothes. Don't I look so cute in the morning???

I had so much fun this weekend! I'm ready for the next adventure.

My Great-Grandparents came to visit from Reno

This weekend I got to see my Great-Grandparents, Bonnie and Larry. They were visiting from Reno and this is the second time I have been able to spend time with them. Though the last time I was only 6 weeks old so I am a lot bigger than I was then. I had a lot of fun with them. I played ball and showed them how I walk and crawl. It was great too because my Grandpa and Grandma Bird brought them here so I also got to spend time with them. I love when I spend time with them because they play with me and according to my Mommy they wear me out so I actually nap. And nap I did, I slept for 3 hours after they left. Below are some pictures from their visit. I hope I get to see them again soon and I would love if Mommy and Daddy would take me to Reno. It would be my first trip to Reno and even Daddy's too.
Love you and can't wait to see you again!

I went right to my Great-Grandpa Larry and didn't make strange at all.

Here I am sitting with Great-Grandma Bonnie and I didn't make strange with her either.

I enjoyed telling them all my stories and just babbling.

Telling Grandpa Tom all about it.

Me with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Lee Ann. Do you think I look like my Grandpa Tom? A lot of people say I do. Not sure that would be so bad :)

11 Months Old - Sorry this is late

Well technically I am now 11 and 1/2 months but this will showcase my 11 month pics with my Pooh Bear and my bumbo along with many other cute ones of me. I have been doing a lot with the weather being so nice and am just picking up speed. I am now walking though I still fall sometimes. I have also figured out how to stand up without using anything but my own legs to get me there. I love playing with balls and putting items into other objects. I have a Noah's Ark Little People and I just figured out there is a door on it and I can put the animals in and out, wow the time I now spend doing that is crazy. I also love to just sit in my room and look at all of my books. In just two weeks I am going to be 1!!! Wow this year has flown by. Mommy and Daddy are excited and sad at the same time. I get to have my birthday party at the beach where we can swim and play on the playground equipment. Now I have to hope it stops raining as the beach is under water right now :( Also hopefully it won't rain on my party day!!! Anyway here are some pictures below and I'll be sure to add lots more.
Love you
~ Jackson

Eatting breakfast.

My first time in my car seat. I was such a little peanut!

My last time in my car seat! Wow what a difference 11 months makes.

Do I look like I know how to throw tantrums and cry?? I think not.

Daddy is teaching me to play frisbee golf. Not sure I am a pro yet.

I can throw it over the gates though!!

My old puppy Snoopy. He had to go live with my aunt as he still doesn't like me much, but I still get to see him so that is good.

So adorable!!! I am always happy when it's feeding time.

I'm pretty sure I am finally as long as Pooh Bear.

I am filling the bumbo nicely. Now if I would use it we would be set.