Monday, July 25, 2011

2 Year Pictures

Yesterday I got my 2 year pictures done and I did AWESOME! Momma and Daddy had a ton to choose from and below is a sampling of some of them. We had a lot of fun and I even smiled a lot. I am going to be 2 on Friday the 29th. Wow 2 years has gone by really fast and I get to have a Toy Story party. We ordered my cake tonight and I even have a personalized shirt to wear. I will be sure to post lots of pictures. On another note I learned three new words that I love saying, Minnie Mouse, Thomas, and belly button. I am even starting to put words together like bye bye da-da, where did it go?, all gone, duck says quack. I'm sure now that I am off and running with words I'll be a chatter box in no time.
Smiley boy

Cutie pie.
I love to jump!
Daddy getting my neck to make me smile.
Our handsome man.
Mommy's Team
Daddy's Team
Going for the touchdown :)
Whose open?
Who you looking at?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My reaction to a real train!

Trainfest 2011

On Saturday Aunt Jana, Emerson, Grayson, Momma, and I went to Rock Island, IL for the Trainfestival. We had a lot of fun!!! My cousins and I are HUGE train lovers so this was the perfect way to spend the day. They had real trains going around the tracks and then also ones you could go into. I unfortunately didn't go into any of them as I got scared when they tooted their horns. Below are a few of the many pictures that were taken.
~ Jackson

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My New Bedroom!

I got a new bed and a train table! I am so happy and love playing in my room now. I am addicted to trains so this has made me a very happy little boy. Mammie (Grandma Jill) was getting rid of my Uncle Aaron's bed so we decided to take it as it gives me a lot of storage for all of my toys. I will need extra storage as I am turning 2 in under 2 weeks and I tend to be spoiled :) Wow the past 2 years have flown by! I am going to have a Toy Story party since Chuggington stuff isn't out yet and Toy Story is my second favorite thing. I love Buzz and Woody and talk about them all of the time. I will be sure to post lots of pictures from my party.



Last weekend we went to TiffinFest and I had lots of fun. I got to go into the bounce house and go down the slide. I loved the petting zoo and even went on the little carousel a lot! Momma and Daddy acted like kids and had fun too. Instead of getting my face painted the painter did a zebra on my arm and I was thrilled. I still look on my arm for it :) Aunt Abby, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Brittany came along and we a blast. I am very excited for North Liberty's Blues and BBQ Fest next weekend as the petting zoo is going to be there too! Below are some pictures from our day.

~ Jackson

Going down the slide.
What's that?

I liked the little chicks.

Hello sweet bunny.

I liked the cow a lot but didn't really believe a cow as in my books they are always black and white :)

City Park

I got to go feed ducks!!! I loved it until I decided to hold my finger out to a duck and he tried it :) I didn't cry and Momma doesn't think it hurt me, he just scared me. I just stood there and then said Bye Bye. I say this when I get nervous or don't want to be somewhere. But Daddy came to the rescue and showed me how to throw the bread to them so then I was happy as I didn't get nibbled on again. After feeding the ducks I got to go on the rides that are there. I LOVED the train ride and I even went on a big boy ride by myself! Below are some pictures of our adventure. Enjoy :)

~ Jackson

Daddy, Momma, and I after visiting the ducks.

Daddy and I on the carousel.

Wee! That's what I kept yelling so I guess I liked it.

I was a little unsure at first :)

Momma and I on the train.

The ducks and I.

Giving him bread before I offered him my finger.

4th of July

Happy late 4th of July!!!! Well I didn't get to see any fireworks as I was so exhausted after the busy days I had that I always went to sleep too early. Momma and I went to Wisconsin for the long weekend and on Saturday we spent the night with Grandpa Tom (Papa) and Grandma Lee Ann oh and of course we can't forget about Izzy! We exhausted each other out!!! I love her so much! I also got to play with Riley and he has a HUGE train collection so we had lots of fun together. We both love the show Chuggington and he has all of the trains so I was very jealous. We went swimming at my Great-Aunt Patti's pool and went to Shullsburg for the carnival. I even got to go and see some sheep up close and personal at the school that Momma went to. Izzy and I loved this! On Sunday night we went and stayed with Grandpa Jill (Mammie) and I got to go to the rodeo. Of course I had a blast as I loved the horses. Momma had to leave on Monday but I stayed as Ms. Molly was closed on Tuesday. I wore Mammie out :) I got to play with the hose and had a blast getting everything and everyone wet. Below are some pictures from my adventure.

~ Jackson

Playing around.


Playing at the park.

Izzy and I with the sheep. I loved petting them and yelling ba at them.

Riley, his dad Tom, Papa, and I in the pool.

I loved hanging from the basket and of course Papa thought it was funny.

Grandma Lee Ann, Izzy and I.