Wednesday, June 29, 2011

23 months!!!

Playing with my trains.
Uncle Aaron and I

Izzy and I

Uncle Aaron, Great-Grandma Pauline, Grandma Jill, Me, and Momma

One little worn out golfer :)

Wow it is so hard to believe that we are almost to July and I am officially 23 months old today!!!! I am doing all sorts of things and loving that summer is here as I can be outside a lot. I have been spending a lot of time at the pool as we found out I love it just as much as I did last year. I now go to daycare full-time as Daddy went back to work. I am meeting lots of friends such as Baby Enzo whom I love and ask for all of the time! I have begun talking even more since attending and my personality is really coming through. I know my shapes and some of my colors. I even love coloring and can't get enough of it. Momma and Daddy think I am for sure a lefty as I have never used the right much so that should get interesting when showing me how to draw and write. I have been counting and I even read a book to Momma and Daddy! They were so excited, of course each page only had one word on it but still :) Last weekend I went to my first movie in the theatre, Rio, and I did AWESOME. I only had to leave the movie once for a few minutes and that was about half way through to stretch my legs and run around and then we went right back in to finish it up. Momma was so proud of me. I am still a climber and a jumper and now take it to higher levels which scares my parents but I love it. We haven't had to go to the ER yet so I am obviously becoming a master at this. I still love trains and cars. Chuggington is still one of my favorites along with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as I am now also in love with Minnie Mouse. Toy Story is my favorite movie and I will ask for Buzz and Woody when I want to see the movies. I still use my signs for milk, more, and eat but have also learned the words too. My favorite dog is now Izzy, my Grandpa and Grandma Bird's boxer. I ask for her every morning, all day, and again before bedtime. She and I have clicked and I can't wait to see her again! I even called Grandpa Tom Papa last week so that was really awesome for him. Well this weekend is the Fourth of July and I will be a busy little man so I will have more to update then. In the meantime here are some pictures to get you through until then.

Love ~ Jackson