Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 Months Old!

Wow I have now been here for a half of a year and so far I think I like it. Mommy and Daddy can't believe how fast time is going with me and how much I have changed in such a short amount of time. I still only have my two bottom teeth but the others are trying to come in. I sit all by myself and can get from sitting to my belly. I roll all over the place and boy am I fast. Mom left me for just a minute and when she came back I was down the hallway and almost into her room. I think it's so funny and I seem to laugh at everything. Snoopy will come near me every now and then but now that I move around he doesn't seem to like me again. Well he better get used to it because now I can chase him down and I will only get faster! I love baby food and so far there isn't much I don't like. My parents love this as perhaps this means I won't be a picky eater like Mommy. I have figured out that I prefer toys that make noise or have lights that flash. I am developing a very short attention span so Mommy and Daddy are constantly having to come up with different things to do with me. I now go to bed around 8 and if I don't have to go to daycare I will sleep until 8 the next morning! This is wonderful. I don't like it when Mommy wakes me up at 6:30 in the morning to go to Mrs. Rachel's but once I get there have so much fun with my friend Halle. She is teaching me all kinds of new things. I have also discovered that I like my feet and they are nice toys when I can't reach anything else. I love watching basketball on TV and every now and then I even laugh along when Daddy watches Family Guy. When I am cranky Mommy and Daddy can turn that on and then I am happy. They wonder if that is a good thing or not but at least right now I can't understand what they shows says so we'll go with it. Well Mommy promises to update more often so be sure to keep up, I'm sure I will change a lot in the next 6 months.

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months, wow have I changed!

As we did above with my bumbo we do with my Pooh Bear.

I love my new toy. Lots of sounds and lights!

You are going to feed me what?

I like to make the music myself.

So sweet!

Playing with Daddy, he is so silly :)

Me and Daddy having so much fun.

Me in my Badger outfit. Go BADGERS!

Being a baby is very tiring!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, this time of the year is very busy! I have been growing like a weed and had lots of people to see over the last few weeks. I had lots of photos to catch up on so there is quite a bit with this posting. Not only did I have my first Christmas and New Years but I also turned 5 months old! I now sit up by myself and love to jump in my jumper. I enjoy rolling from one end of the room to the other so Santa got me exactly what I needed for Christmas, a Crawl Ball. This is really cool because it moves on it's own and I can chase after it. I haven't showed any interest in crawling yet but I'm sure that will change once I get sick of rolling around. I prefer to sit or stand now so no more laying around for me. So far no new teeth have come in but I'm working on it. I'm finally getting hair to but surprisingly it is very blond considering how dark it was. I laugh all of the time now and really talk up a storm. I have been sleeping anywhere from 8 - 10 hours each night so Mommy and Daddy love that. I have also found my feet and love them! It's a lot of fun to pull of my socks! I am doing really well with baby food but had to go up to the 2nd stage as I didn't like how runny the 1st stage was, I'm a texture baby! I had a wonderful Christmas and was very spoiled!!! Lots of new toys to play with and I got to spend lots of quality time with all of my family. Right now we are in the middle of another snow storm but I have yet to get out in it and get my picture with my first snow. Perhaps it will warm up soon so I can experience that.

My cousins, Drake, Grayson, Tye, Emerson, Brittany, and Julia
Julia had the great idea to put her new American Girl doll hat on me, not sure what I think about that!

Santa brought me a My Pal Scout, he even says my name! He also likes all of the same things as much such as cereal and songs!

I like crawling after things and this is another toy that will help me to get crawling.

My 5 month picture in my bumbo seat, every month we take my picture in this seat so we can see how much I have grown and WOW I've come a long way since 1 month.

We do the same thing with Pooh and I am almost as big as he is, of course I don't have his belly though and I can't eat hunny yet :)

I'm a big boy now! I can sit all by myself! My new favorite position.

I am a very messy eater!

Feeding myself! I like to suck on the spoon.

My first time with my sippy cup and I knew how to use it without any help. Though Mommy said it's as big as my head!!!