Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Well I finally made it out to Trick-or-Treat this year :) It was a rough road to this though as I woke up sick this morning and had to miss school. That was sad because today was my party and parade. Momma and Dada had even planned to come as they were still on vacation today. I went to the doctor and I have a viral infection and as long as my fever stayed away I was given the go ahead to have some fun, and belive me I had a lot of fun! I only got scared at one house and I wasn't the only one. After that I was a bit shy but then came out of my shell. I would go up to the house by myself and loved ringing the bell. I even said trick-or-treat and then I also said thank you. However, I did tend to get more than one piece of candy at each house as I distracted people with my good looks. Hope everyone had an awesome night and here are some pics from my adventure.
~ Jackson