Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warm Weather is Here!!!

The weather has been so fabulous that lots has been happening for me. Last week my Grandpa Tom had surgery so I went up to see him and spend the day with him and Grandma Lee Ann. While I was there we went to the park and along came the neighbor boy Riley, who is almost 2, and I really liked him. Now I have a playmate when I go there. We went on the swings and down the slide!!! He even tried to share the ball with me but it was too big for me. Grandpa Tom wanted to hold me so bad and I kept going near him to try and get him to pick me up but he can't just yet. That means I'll have to make another trip up so I can get lots of hugs and cuddles in with him next time. This meant though that Grandma Lee Ann got to hold and play with me lots and I had so much fun. She even took me down the slide and I really liked it. I had fun with Bogey and Libby and they both gave me lots of attention which is more than what I can say about my dog Snoopy. Daddy bought me my own pool this week and I am loving every minute of it. If I could live in water I think I would. Be sure to check below as there are two more new postings with pictures of me and I'll be sure to check back again soon.
My cousin Grayson came to play for a bit.
Daddy got me a pool and I LOVE it.
I have a new friend, Riley, who shared the ball with me and Grandma Lee Ann.

My new friend Riley and me on the swings.
Playing with my pal Trots. His tail is yummy.

My First Easter

Wow my First Easter! I got some really neat stuff from the Easter Bunny and I haven't even met him. I got some awesome eggs filled with cherrios and puffs and even got a stuffed chick. Even cooler was I got a Toy Story bucket and shovel as I am not old enough to pick out my basket yet and this will come in handy this summer at the beach. I was a spoiled little man :)
For me? Where did it come from?
Ok an egg, what else?
Hm, what is this?
I like this stuff!

I'm 8 1/2 months old!!! Where is the time going?

Well I am really moving now. I am crawling and I pull myself up and walk from toy to toy. I even use Mommy and Daddy as posts but they don't mind. I have begun talking and yelling a lot. Some of my nicknames these days are Monkey (because I climb all over) and Jackasaurus (because I roar like a dinasaur). I am just so active that it really wears Mommy and Daddy out but that's ok I am enjoying it. In a couple of weeks I will be going to my 9 month check-ups. I will go see my doctor and then I will also go to the Neonatal Speciality Clinic so they can check me over too. I have no doubt I will impress them again and show them there is nothing to be worried about. I am working on 2 more teeth so I will soon have 10!!! I have really been enjoying being outside especially now that it is so nice outside. Well I'll also post some Easter pics too. ~Jackson
My first time at the park.
8 month picture in my bumbo.
My 8 month photo with Pooh Bear
My Easter PJs
Look at the things I get myself into.
So tuckered out.
Here are my teeth.
I'm so funny!

My new favorite toy.