Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm 9 months old!

It's hard to believe but I am 9 months old! I had my to go to two doctor appointments, my first was for my check-up with my regular doctor and she said I look awesome and am right on track. I am 19 lbs 3 oz and 28 inches long. My next appointment was a follow-up at the Neonatal Clinic and I did so well there that I now don't have to go back until 18 months!!! This is wonderful news and means that my illness and medicines I had to take have currently not caused any developmental delays. In fact the doctor told Mommy I will be walking very soon since I already pull myself up and walk from one end of an object to the other. I have become an expert crawler and am wonderful at getting into everything that I shouldn't have. I have also learned to wave Hi and Bye and I also give kisses. My favorite word is da-da and I love to talk. I guess I should rephrase that I love to yell and scream. I then laugh at myself. Daddy and I can hold a conversation in which we just repeat the noise the other has done. It's so funny and I love it! I also love watching my Baby Einstein DVD Old McDonald. I will sit and watch the whole thing and then get mad when it's over. So far that is the only one I am really interested in. This really helped me this weekend when I went to my first petting zoo. I got to see and touch a calf, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, and a donkey. Daddy fed them so that I could touch them and it was so much fun. Then we went to the mall and I got to ride the carousel which I love!!! I have been eating well and trying new foods and so far the only thing I don't like is eggs other than that I am game. I have been sleeping much better and hope that continues. Well that's all for now ~Jackson

My new ride.
Not sure how this works.

I finally have hair on my head, well on the top at least.

If I stretch I will be taller than him!

I'm such a big boy now!! My 9 month bumbo pic.

Daddy feeding the animals. The donkey really wanted some.

I got to touch the donkey!! I really liked him.

Here I am on the carousel. I love this!

I like it better in the box with the toys.

Snoopy and I waiting for some ice cream.