Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Been a Long Time

Well it's been a very long time since my Mommy updated you on my progress because since the holidays we have been super busy. I have been busy growing and learning new things while Daddy and Mommy work. First I got really spoiled for Christmas and I think I would have had a ton more fun than I did had I not have been super sick. Since then though I have been doing well and I will be 18 months old tomorrow. I now go to daycare and I am having lots of fun with my new friends. I am talking a lot more now too which is really great. I say words such as zebra, car, bye bye, hello, diaper, tree, tiger, baby, and many others. I will also say my name and if you ask me milk, Blue's Clues, more, mommy, or think I will do signs for those words. I don't yet know how much I have grown since my 15 month check-up but I will know next Friday when I go see my doctor. I will be sure to update more often and be sure to check out the new pictures with more to come. Love ~ Jackson