Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random New Pics of Me

Well I have been doing a lot lately which is a big reason you have not gotten an update. I have been growing like a weed and I got 4 more new teeth!!! My 18 month molars decided to come at 12 months instead. One of them was really bad and I had to go on medicine to help it so that I wouldn't get an infection. The medicine worked like magic and it came through and no more swelling. In fact the medicine worked so good that since the teeth came through I now sleep through the night which is very exciting for my Daddy as he no longer has to sleep in the recliner in my room. I am walking and even running like a mad man now and even love wearing shoes as they allow me to go faster. I have been talking a lot more and my new thing is to point at something and say "What's that?". I whisper it at first and then once you start answering me I get pretty loud about it. I still love books and spend tons of time looking at them and pointing at images for you to tell me what I am looking at. I am still eating like a champ and love trying new things. Nobody can have anything without sharing it with me and believe me I am very demanding and impatient about it. Summer is drawing to end but that's OK as it's been super hot here which limits my trips to the park and walks around town. I have even become an awesome cleaner for Mommy and Daddy. I pick up things from the floor and will give them to you to throw away even when there really isn't anything there but Mommy plays along. I am also an awesome climber. I have found my way on top of the entertainment center and onto the second shelf of my changing table. You just never know where I'll end up. My new favorite toy is a little Elmo doll that I got and I have maybe seen 2 episodes of Sesame Street but somehow when Mommy says where is Elmo I go and get him. Mommy and Daddy are so surprised that I know who he is. I also know what to get when you ask me for a ball and I love blowing kisses and giving lots of hugs. I will raise my arms for touchdown and I clap and say "yeah" when I do something that I think is good. I love playing with my basketball hoop and making baskets. Well that's all for now as I have to go to bed now but I'll check in again soon.

So proud of myself for getting the remote when I know I shouldn't have it.

Ok here you go.

You can't yell at me because I'm cute!!

So sweet!

Mr. Serious.

Playing basketball and wearing his sport pjs for the event.

I know I'm supposed to sit in here but can't quite figure out how.

Playing with my farm.

I even figured out that if you open the doors on the barn sounds start.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 1!!!!!

Well it's happened I am 1 year old!!! Wow the time went so fast and I have done so much growing in such a short time. I am 21 lbs. 11 oz which puts me in the 40th percentile for weight. I am 30 inches long which put me in the 55th percentile and my head finally caught up and I jumped from the 10th percentile to the 50th!!! My brain must have grown a lot in the past 3 months :) I had the best 1st birthday party ever. It was a jungle theme and I got to have lots of awesome food. A lot of my family members also showed up and I found out that I am a very loved little boy. I got lots of cool clothes (my first Packers jersey, Aaron Rodgers!), books, and toys! Thank you so much to everyone for coming and for all of the awesome gifts. I was so tuckered out after the adventurous day. That was just the start of my birthday week. Mommy had the whole week of my birthday off so we went to Wisconsin for a few days to spend some time with family. I got to see lots of people and even went swimming in Mommy's aunt's pool. I loved it and loved playing with Haylee, Hanna, and Haidyn. Thanks to Jenni for making time to come in to town. I even went to Madison for the first time but that lasted about an hour before I had a major melt down and we had to go back to Mammy's (Grandma Jill) house which meant no zoo and no Badger clothes :( That also meant I didn't get to see my Great-Aunt Lynn :( After all of this we were really missing Daddy and it was time to come home and take care of my doctor appointments, get my 1 year pictures taken, and celebrate my actual birthday. Some other great news is I passed my 1 year hearing test!!!! There was a chance that the medicine that saved my life could damage my hearing so Mommy and Daddy were very relieved that this will not be an issue especially with Mommy having a hearing loss. Be sure to check back soon as Mommy will upload some of our pictures from our Wisconsin visit and my 1 year pictures.
~ Jackson

My birthday cake
My highchair decorations.

Not sure what is going to happen but they have removed my clothes and put a crazy hat on me!

Hm, this could be interesting.

Oh yeah this is good stuff!! I can feel the sugar kicking in.

Well that was fun but wow what a mess. I think I need to be dunked in the lake.

I'm all clean now and love all of my presents! Doing my thank you dance.

I enjoyed crawling and walking all over the place.

EXHAUSTED! What a day that was.